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4 Tips For Finding Inspiration

Lately, more than ever, life has felt pretty overwhelming. My work/life balance is non-existent. With so much happening in the world, it can often feel like there’s nothing I can possibly add to make it any better. How can I possibly be positive right now? How can I write about the good things in life? I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way. The bad news and stress seem never-ending and trying to take care of myself has fallen off the to-do list. All of the emotions that come with this consume your energy. When I find I no longer feel inspired to write, I know that’s a sign my life has gone off balance. So how do I get it back? For me, being inspired starts with health. Here are my 4 tips for getting back on track and finding your inspiration again.

Get Enough Rest

Are you sleeping enough? I’m never more down and stressed out than when I haven’t slept enough. I have had erratic sleep schedules. I often like to stay up late which leads to getting up late. Recently, I started working hard at getting up at the same time every day and getting up in the morning. This can be a challenge for those who work shift work and with inconsistent schedules. If you can’t sleep consistently at least try to sleep enough every day. For some, that means getting a full 8 hours and for others that may be more or less. If you’ve been especially stressed lately and haven’t been sleeping well, try focusing on getting more rest and see if that helps. This is the first thing I do when I’m feeling off and it often makes me feel much better!

Move Your Body

If sleep isn’t a problem for you, that’s great! What about movement? It’s easier than ever to not move your body. I don’t even go grocery shopping anymore. I order my groceries in advance and they are brought out to my car. The rest of the time I can easily stay home and not move at all. Every little thing we do in a day can add movement and movement can do a lot to get the inspiration flowing. You don’t need to start a rigorous exercise regime. You can do simple things like spending time in the kitchen making a meal or walking to the community mailbox instead of driving. Even going up to the upstairs bathroom instead of using the main-floor powder room. Every little bit of movement counts!

Spend Time With Others

I get so much of my inspiration from others. Spending time in the community or with family is a great way to become inspired. A lot of my blog posts on My Life After a Heart Transplant blog were based on a comment someone made. A simple comment can get me thinking about a topic and eventually writing my thoughts down in a blog post. Being around other people is also a great way to get a boost if you need one. We can’t do everything on our own and shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on ourselves. It’s hard to stay positive and take care of ourselves while trying to balance all of our responsibilities on our own. It’s ok to lean on others sometimes!

Experience Life

Do you ever notice how successful people seem to have a lot of hobbies? Reading, travelling, art, etc. At the end of the day, one of the best ways to be inspired is by experiencing life and staying curious. Inspiration is everywhere. This is probably the thing that helps me the most once I’ve managed my sleep and health better. Whether it’s discovering a new place, thinking about an experience, or doing research on a new topic, being curious about something can help you find inspiration. Check out what other people are up to with their blogs. Learn about something new. Go out and experience life. Do something you’ve always wanted to do and get inspired!

Inspiration isn’t something you lose. It’s an abundant resource that’s everywhere waiting for you to discover it. You’re not broken if you don’t feel inspired. You may just need a little mending, that’s all. Sometimes you have to take a break and take care of yourself. Once I’m back to a healthier lifestyle, I find inspiration comes a lot easier. What are some of your favourite ways of rediscovering your inspiration?

A little bird during a walk in the woods to find inspiration

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