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The #1 Thing I Changed That Helped Improve My Motivation

I often have a really hard time getting up and getting to work. Even though I want to do it and I know it will benefit me, I still can’t seem to push myself to do it. Writing is one of those things I find challenging. I love writing, I know it will make me feel good and accomplished, but will I get up off the couch or pull myself away from my Tik Tok scrolling to do it? Unlikely.

It’s almost like I need to feel like I have to do things, to do them, even things I love. So how do I get around it? Well, for me it took some big changes. I looked at my whole life and realized there were a lot of things that were not working for me. The best change I made was to change my environment.  

For me, moving had a big impact on my overall health and wellness. It’s a big step and not everyone can just pack up their lives and move, but you do have some control over your own environment. Where I was living there was no natural sunlight, and my goal was to find some. Everyone in my life kept telling me “Oh but your apartment is so nice!” “You have everything you could need!” And it was true, kind of. I had all the luxuries a person could need in my apartment, like a dishwasher, AC, and a washer and dryer. Even with all the conveniences, I just couldn’t help feeling lonely and isolated in this little dark box that I was struggling financially to live in. I knew that sunlight would make me happier and help give me the energy I needed to get back to the things I love. I was right.

Once I found a new place, everything else started working. I was sleeping better, eating better, and writing more often. Mission accomplished! I had no idea how something that seemed so small could have such a huge impact. There are still things I need to work on, but they don’t seem as daunting now.

So, here’s my challenge for you. If you’re finding you’re having a hard time and things don’t seem to be working, take a look around and try to figure out why that may be. Once you have that answer, you can make small changes that could help. Need more nature? Get some plants. Even fake ones can brighten a room and make it more cheerful. Need more space? Try decluttering. Even moving some furniture around could make a big difference. Need the motivation to sit at your desk and work on your projects? Try creating a cute workspace you love being at. Need to get up earlier? Get a cute alarm clock or wake up to your favorite song.

Try things out, experiment, and most importantly have fun doing it! The process of finding what makes you feel better can be just as fun as figuring it out. Don’t let anyone else influence what you think you need. They may mean well but they don’t know how you’re feeling. Now go find that thing that will bring you more happiness, and with that, you should find some of your motivation again!

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