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3 Tricks That Will Help You Get Through Those Boring Tasks

Even if it’s a brand-new task, some things are just hard to get yourself to do. They can be so boring! Sometimes I get a new topic to write about from a client and the last thing on earth that I want to do is write about it. This can often happen in writing if you don’t have a niche. I’ve had to write about all kinds of things I’ve had no interest in and sometimes I’ve had to write about those topics multiple times! There’s only so much I can write about HVAC, you know? So, how do I get through some of these painfully boring tasks? Here are my top three tips:

1. Make It a Game

Have you ever tried making tasks into a game? One thing I like to do with my writing tasks is to time myself and see if I can beat that time. For example, if I have multiple 500-word blog posts to write for someone, I figure out how long it takes to write one and then try to beat that time with the next one. This can make boring tasks a lot more fun or at least distract you from the boring aspects of them. Games like these can help you improve and hone your skills too. A great bonus is that you can end up making more money by doing this! Just make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

2. Think About Who’s Relying On You

I find it hard to do things just for myself. Obviously, the better I do, the better I will do. The more work I have, the better my business is doing. That sounds great and exactly what I want, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes it’s easier to do things when you know someone is relying on them. There’s nothing wrong with doing things for others if you feel like it helps you get through that boring task. If you do it for your audience, for example, you’re still, in part, doing it for yourself. Just make sure you don’t lose yourself in this. Make sure you keep taking care of yourself and try to put yourself and your needs first as much as possible. If keeping in mind those who will benefit from your work helps you get through it every once in a while, then why not try it?

3. Bribe Yourself

If all else fails, why not bribe yourself? I’ll admit I’m not above bribery. Especially when I’m the one gaining. Bribing yourself is a win-win situation! Not only do you get your work done, but you also get a treat! What could be better? If bribing yourself works then, why not? We all deserve a treat every once in a while. It can be as simple as getting yourself a nice hot beverage, spending some time with your pet, or heading outside for some vitamin D. Whatever will help you get through the task counts as a nice little treat!

At the end of the day, if a task is giving you that much trouble, you may want to consider removing yourself from the equation, if possible. In my case, I had to stop taking on work from the HVAC client. It was just making me a little too miserable. If you have the ability to make that kind of decision for yourself, go for it! If you’re not getting much out of something and it’s causing you trouble, opt-out. There’s no harm in saying no when you need to, and it’ll free up your time for better things.

Go out there, experiment, and find what works for you. You may find those boring tasks aren’t so boring after all! If you have your own tips for tackling boring tasks, I’d love to hear them. Comment below!


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